Tenured Teachers

Client Alert--7th Circuit Holds Indiana Reduction in Force Law Unconstitutional

The 7th Circuit Federal Court has upheld a lower court opinion finding that an Indiana law which is very similar to Illinois' law on reductions in force (known as "SB7" or "Public Act 97-8") is unconstitutional.  In Elliott v. Board of School Trustees of Madison Consolidated Schools, No. 16-4168 (7th Cir.

Illinois Appellate Court Overturns Board's Dismissal of Tenured Teacher on Due Process Grounds

The First District Appellate Court of Illinois, Fifth Division, recently decided a case where a tenured teacher claimed that her 14th Amendment due process rights had been violated when she was dismissed after 20+ years of service with only hearsay evidence to support the charges against her. Courts have long held that tenured employment is a protected property interest and therefore cannot be removed without sufficient process. Bd. Of Ed. Cmty. Consol. Sch.