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School District Prevails on Tort and Contract Claim in Bullying Case, but Court Notes Discretionary Responsibility for School

In a case filed and litigated before the implementation of the new student disciplinary law (SB100 or Public Act 99-456), Mulvey v. Carl Sandburg High Sch., 2016 IL App (1st) 151615, the court analyzed whether a school district had tort liability due to alleged bullying, and whether an bullying prevention policy and a progressive disciplinary policy created an enforceable contract with a parent and child when the child was allegedly bullied. 

Illinois Updates: New Statutes of Note

Concealed Carry and District Duties:  Public Act 98-0063 allows for the concealed carry of firearms with specified restrictions.  It specifically prohibits carrying a concealed firearm in "any building, real property, and parking area under the control of a public or private elementary or secondary school".  It also contains a provision that states that it is the duty of the principal to report to the Department of State Police "when a student is det