At Miller, Tracy, Braun, Funk & Miller, Ltd., we specialize in the development of relationships with our clients. We are dedicated to the belief that strong personal relationships forge strong business relationships, and we have earned our reputation based on personal integrity, honesty, and passion for our work.


From the smallest property transaction to the complex commercial real estate acquisitions of cities and schools, our attorneys' dedication to our clients' needs is unmatched in the field.  Attention to detail and unparalleled personal involvement are founding principles of the firm, and we foster a sense of security and expertise our clients have come to rely upon. Our dedication to reaching beyond the mere practice of law and continuing our own education in the law, as well as helping our clients to better understand the law for themselves, has earned us a reputation as the most comprehensive practice in our field in Illinois. We believe that an attorney has a dedication not only to his clients, but to the greater community in which he practices, and that as attorneys we must strive to use our practice and our knowledge to promote a greater common good in the society we serve.


With more than 40 years of experience in the practice of school law, we know that today's school administrators are facing many challenges, not the least of which are:

  • Economic
  • Curriculum 
  • Special Education
  • Employees 
  • Safety 

These and many more dynamic issues face Illinois school districts, requiring truly outstanding individuals to serve in positions of leadership. As a member of a Board of Education or as an administrator, you have the responsibility to meet these challenges with character, creativity, and common sense. We at Miller Tracy share your commitment to providing quality services and a safe environment for students, faculty and members of the community. We are looking forward to challenging times and the privilege of continuing to serve you and your Board of Education.

Miller, Tracy, Braun, Funk & Miller, Ltd. will continue to adhere to the fundamental values and standards which have distinguished our service to school districts for more than 30 years. Serving you requires us to continually enhance and improve our services to meet your ever-changing needs. We are committed to do just this, for we know sound and consistent legal representation spawns a personal bond of trust and resulting loyalty between you and us. Providing an education to the youth of our country is an awesome and awe-inspiring opportunity for us all to affect the future. Our staff believes that challenging times can forge good friends and solid business relationships. We look forward to developing both with you and your district.