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Reminder on Open Meetings Act Posting Requirements

Public Act 97-827 amended the Open Meetings Act to make clear the requirements for posting an agenda at least 48 hours prior to the meeting, adding specifically:


Any agenda required under this Section shall set forth the general subject matter of any resolution or ordinance that will be the subject of final action at the meeting. The public body conducting a public meeting shall ensure that at least one copy of any requested notice and agenda for the meeting is continuously available for public review during the entire 48-hour period preceding the meeting. Posting of the notice and agenda on a website that is maintained by the public body satisfies the requirement for continuous posting under this subsection (c). If a notice or agenda is not continuously available for the full 48-hour period due to actions outside of the control of the public body, then that lack of availability does not invalidate any meeting or action taken at a meeting. 


[Emphasis added].  These requirements, found at 5 ILCS 120/2.02(c), went into effect January 25, 2013.  Accordingly, it is important that all posted agendas specific the subject matter of all resolutions.  In addition, be sure that your place of posting - in addition to the school district's website - is in a location that can be accessed by the public at any time (i.e. an outside window).