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Affordable Care Act Notices

         Federally Facilitated Marketplace Notices ("Marketplace Notices") are beginning to be issued from the health insurance marketplaces (where employees may purchase insurance and receive tax credits to subsidize their purchase in the event an employer fails to offer insurance.  A sample Marketplace Notice may be viewed 

ERO Sunset

          On July 1, the TRS Early Retirement Option was allowed to expire by the Illinois General Assembly.  With its expiration, TRS reports that approximately 200,000 active and inactive TRS members will be eligible for a refund of total contributions they paid betwe

Legislative Update

In our latest newsletter, we discussed the details of the new civics legislation and the student athlete concussion legislation.  We wanted to let you know that both trailer bills that we mentioned, which delay the implementation of these laws, have been signed into effect.

P.A. 99-0185 provides that the civics requirement will be in effect for high schoolers entering the ninth grade in the 2016-2017 school year and from that time on.